Reproductive Health: Why Embolization Is Always A Better Option

August 30th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

There are many ways through which one can get rid of dysfunctions of the reproductive system. While natural remedies are usually the best alternative as far as your health as a woman is concerned, there are cases where these remedies are not effective. This is especially so when the condition causing discomfort is severe and there is need for immediate medical attention. Natural remedies are rarely effective under such circumstances because they usually take time to have an impact on your body and by the time this impact is felt, it may be too late for you. Embolization is a surgical alternative that you should consider when undergoing treatment for anomalies in your reproductive system such as uterine fibroids. Here are the reasons why you should consider this method.

The first reason why embolization should be your first option is that it is safer than other surgical procedures. The success rate of this procedure is comforting with the risks of fatalities being low. This is so mainly because of the fact that it is a less intrusive procedure compared to other forms of surgery such as hysterectomy. The fact that it is less intrusive means that there is less interference with your reproductive health and thus less risks of accidents happening. This also means that the risks of exposure to infections are low and thus increasing the chances of getting rid of your problem without taking a lot of risks.

The simplicity of embolization is one of the major reasons why women who have surgery as the only alternative prefer it. This not only means that there is less to worry about but also that the procedure can get done faster. This allows for less inconvenience so far as your daily routine is concerned. There is also the fact that less technical surgical skills are needed and thus finding a medical practitioner who can effectively perform the procedure is easier especially when compared to a surgical procedure like hysterectomy. This also makes it a procedure that is more affordable.

Given that embolization is less intrusive than a hysterectomy, there is usually less recovery time. The fact that there is less “cutting” means that there will be less tissues that will be required to heal before you are on your feet again. This not only means that you will incur less costs in terms of hospitalization fees, but it also means that you will be less exposed to secondary infections that usually complicate the lives of most women who seek to boost their reproductive health through surgery.